Wednesday, September 22, 2010

First Grade Centers

Each day in our class the students are very busy in their learning based centers. Each center is either literacy or math based. The students each have their own folder they bring to each center, keep their completed work in, and turn in at the end of center time. The folders are way for the students to have accountability for their centers work. Often students have to complete a task, such as writing a story, gluing or writing sorted words, or make illustrations in a specific center. Not all centers have a specific task, but all centers include choice. This way the kids can choose to so something they enjoy and find challenging, work alone, or with a partner.
While the kids are busy in centers, I meet with the small reading groups. As a class we've discussed problem solving in centers to the reading group kids can do their best work with out interruptions. On Monday I will begin meeting with reading groups on a regular basis.
As we become more used to our daily routine, I'll add more pictures and descriptions of each center.

These kids are working in our "Write The Room"center. Each kid gets a white board and marker. They walk around the room writing down the words they see. Kids enjoy copying words from our word wall, special signs, and name tags.

These kids are in the "Word Work" center. Often, our phonics lessons have activities that go along with the day's topic. Today the kids had to pull a picture out of the can and do their best to stretch out and write the word. Other times, the students will be making words with magnetic letters on the white board. When they complete their task they can play with the phonics card games provided.

These kids are at the Computers Center. This is one of their favorites. Although, we only have 3 computers, the kids are great at sharing and working together. Currently, we use the website to practice phonics and reading. Soon we will add more word, math, and typing based game to the bookmark bar for them to choose from.

Library Center is another favorite. The kids can sit on the couch or use the pillows to get comfy and enjoy all our books.

More centers pictures to come...

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